Southern Souls Rescue Foster/VolunteerApplication

Donation Dog

Important Information For Prospective Applicants

All text areas must be filled. If a text area does not apply to your situation, just fill in N/A for does not apply to me...We thank you for volunteering to help us out or to foster a pet. We need as much information as possible to process your application. We DO NOT share your information with anyone and it is strictly confidential. Kathy @ Southern Souls Rescue

Family & Resident Information

Veterinarian Reference

Please give us the name, address & phone number of your current Veterinarian & make sure you give your permission for them to give us your information. List any Vet(s) used by your current or past pets.

Personal References, Please include the best time to call...

Please list 2 friends that will attest to your charcter. Do not list spouse, boy/girl friend or fiancee. If you do not have a Vet reference, please list 3 personal references...

We require written consent from your landlord if you are renting. We can not process your request without it..Thanks..

Because pets vary in personality, temperment & activity level, tell us what charcterisitics you would find undesirable in a foster pet and what type of animals are you willing to foster?

I certify that the information entered on this application is true, and so attest by entering my name & date below...

Thank you for your patience. We will let you know as soon as your Foster/Volunteer application has been processed, Kathy Paskvan